Radio WMCA New York 1947
Gottlieb, William P., 1917-, photographer. [Portrait of Tommy Dorsey, Beryl Davis, Georgie Auld, Ray McKinley, Johnny Desmond, Vic Damone, Mel Tormé, Mary Lou Williams, and Josh White, WMCA, New York, N.Y., ca. Oct. 1947] 1 negative : b&w ; 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 in. Caption from Down Beat: Tommy Dorsey (top right) interviews the English pigeon, Beryl Davis, for his first disc jockey stint, with such names as Georgie Auld, Ray McKinley, Mary Lou Williams, Josh White and others visible in the background.
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Departure – London St Pancras

08 Nov 2008 / 3 Comments / in Journeys

1 The train is delayed.
2 A Welsh voice next to me is asking why the service to Brussels has been suspended rather than the route to Paris in the larger, more powerful neighbouring country.

It seems like a traditional British departure, except that…

3 The delay has been caused by disruption on the line in France.

Strikes I shouldn’twonder.

3 Responses to Departure – London St Pancras

  1. Hannah Mckiddie says:

    You’re not allowed to sound so jaded already, you’ve barely even left the country! Sorry I missed saying goodbye last night, estate agents have been hounding me and I was ignoring my phone.
    But al least I got to make your very first comment, hoorah for me.

  2. John E. says:

    Saw in the ‘Times’ today(Wed. 12th Nov.) that a group of (alleged) French anarchists had been arrested for(allegedly) putting large parts of the electricity grid out of action by short circuiting connections using big iron bars(included Eurostar)-refers to the Saturday you were leaving.

  3. Sarah Eustance says:

    The delays were caused by iron bars placed on the line. The Thalys service runs between Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris and is operated by groups from the corresponding countries. The delays near Paris / Lille had a knock on effect.

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